Our Factory

Modern, purpose built factory

Whiland’s factory is a modern, purpose built building sited on its own plot in Dumbarton, near Glasgow.

All of our modular ramps are manufactured in our factory. We have our own welders and fabricators who are responsible for the accurate and timely production of our modular ramps. The raw materials are supplied by UK companies and Whiland use these high quality raw materials to manufacture our ramp modules and handrails using our in house equipment.

The factory has an 8 tonne overhead travelling crane which means we can also carry out larger projects if necessary.

The factory is situated on a large plot and Whiland hold a stock of our parts at our site in Dumbarton. This means that we can react quickly to customer’s needs.

The large site means that we can store parts for our customers free of charge. For instance, if a customer requests the removal of a ramp Whiland can bring the parts back to our site and store them until they can be used on another installation. The storage is free of charge and is part of the service we provide to our customers.

Our office is located adjacent to the factory in Dumbarton and our office staff are always available during working hours to answer your call and provide you with assistance.