Modular Ramps

The highest quality, most versatile modular ramp system available.

All of our modular ramps are manufactured in our factory in Dumbarton. Whiland supply modular ramps to Local Authorities, Housing Associations, schools, businesses as well as individual customers



Whiland modular ramps are manufactured using galvanised steel. The system is completely modular which means that any ramp can be made up from standard sized modules which are bolted together.

The modules come in standard sizes:    

  • Widths: 1000, 1200 and 1500mm
  • Lengths: 300mm to 2100mm (in 300mm increments)

The top surface is made from expanded metal which is also galvanised. This allows rain and snow to fall through the mesh which keeps the surface slip resistant. A GRP surface is also available for high traffic areas where increased slip resistance is necessary.



Whiland‘s unique handrail design is not only aesthetically pleasing but all handrails have warm touch top rails as standard. The handrails are fully enclosed and have child safe vertical infills which prevent limbs from becoming trapped. All handrails are interchangeable with the modular ramp sections and are fully reusable and re-locatable.




Whiland modular ramps are supported by height adjustable levelling legs. This unique design allows the ramps to sit over existing steps without the need for alterations to the existing access. Our legs are fully reusable.


Ramp Fitters

All our ramp fitters are employed by the Company and have many years of experience in fitting ramps. Our two most experienced fitters have been with the Company for 25 years. Our ramp fitters take pride in their work and are well trained and experienced in fulfilling customer’s requirements. Take a look at some of the testimonials.

Steps and gates are also available and are again fully reusable and interchangeable.

All ramp layouts are designed to comply with Building Regulations and our installations have a 3 year warranty as standard.

Whiland also provide a demounting and storage service. We can store your parts free of charge until they can be used in another installation.

Whiland can also manufacture and install bespoke access solutions.