Aerolight Broadfold - Portable Ramps

A user-friendly and excellent value multi-purpose wheelchair ramp or scooter ramp. To get where you need to go quickly and easily, the Aerolight-broadfold is a cost-effective solution that will fit neatly into your life. It’s a no-nonsense wheelchair ramp that is quick and simple to set up, and has the versatility to be an effective scooter ramp, threshold ramp or doorway ramp. The rapid deployment offers the convenience you’d expect from a mobility ramp.

If you need value for money and ease of use without compromising on quality, the Aerolight-Broadfold disability ramp is an excellent option. It offers portability and ease of use, working as a building or vehicle ramp.



Benefits of the Aerolight Broadfold include:

  • Use with all types of scooters and wheelchairs
  • Full width lightweight ramp
  • Unique lip design gives incredible grip at each end and allows the ramp to be used either way round
  • Quick and easy deployment
  • Compact storage features
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK



Length: From 150cm (5ft) to 210cm (7ft)