Aerolight Lifestyle - Portable Ramps

A compact suitcase-style lightweight aluminium folding wheelchair ramp or scooter ramp. Wherever you are, don’t let poor access for wheelchairs or scooters stop you enjoying holidays, shopping or visiting friends. Here is a ramp which acts as a building ramp and a vehicle ramp equally effectively.

The Aerolight Lifestyle folding suitcase ramp is a portable ramp and a great traveller – in fact this compact ramp can go just about anywhere with you, transporting access and mobility wherever you go. As well as a fully flexible step ramp, threshold ramp or tailgate ramp, the Aerolight Lifestyle’s innovative folding double hinge allows it to fold flat into such a small space that it can be tucked into most cars, next to the wheelchair or scooter.

Based on aerospace aluminium technology, the Aerolight Lifestyle compact ramp is tremendously strong while remaining incredibly light and compact. It’s a suitcase ramp which folds neatly in two halves and has an excellent carrying handle, making it very portable. It provides easy access over kerbs, steps and door thresholds from a few inches to 1.5 ft (45cm).



Benefits of the Aerolight Lifestyle include:

  • Easy use vehicle and building access ramp
  • Simply separates into halves for very easy carrying and storage
  • Use with all types of wheelchairs and scooters
  • Great for 'out and about' access
  • Easy vehicle loading
  • Each half weighs as little as 8kg
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK



Length: From 180cm (6ft) to 240cm (8ft)