Aerolight Xtra - Portable Ramps

An advanced lightweight folding wheelchair ramp or scooter ramp. Get out and about with confidence, knowing you have the freedom to go where you want. Visit friends and the shops without worrying whether there be a ramp or whether steps will prevent you gaining access. Use this complete access threshold ramp to enter domestic and public buildings with ease, completely compatible with your scooter or wheelchair.

The Aerolight Xtra is a light, portable ramp which is quick to deploy and then fold away. It’s a very popular choice for anyone who requires a wheelchair or scooter ramp, or where walking or lifting the feet is a challenge. It provides complete mobility access for residential, retail, leisure and commercial properties and is an easy-to-use tailgate ramp.

Based on aerospace technology, the Aerolight Xtra folding aluminium ramp is tremendously strong while remaining incredibly light. When folded it is an effective suitcase ramp with carrying handles, making it very mobile and portable. Aerolight Xtra is a wheelchair ramp that provides easy access over kerbs, steps and door thresholds from a few inches high to 1.5 ft (45cm).



Benefits of the Aerolight Xtra include:

  • Use with all types of scooters and wheelchairs
  • Full width lightweight ramp
  • Unique lip design gives incredible grip at each end and allows the ramp to be used either way round
  • Quick and easy deployment
  • Compact storage features
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK



Length: From 60cm (2ft) to 240cm (8ft)