Stepless EasyFold Telescopic - Suitcase Ramp

The Stepless EasyFold telescopic suitcase ramp is an entirely new design within this category. The ramp is perfect for compensating larger height differences, it is easy to place and unfold, due to the smooth length adjustment. The telescopic feature prevents "finger pinching" and uses less space, when unfolding.

The unique telescopic function combined with the folding function makes the ramp compact, so it uses less space during positioning, transport and storage. The 6' or 7' is ideal for minivans, and the 8' or 10' is ideal for both minivans and full size vans.



Benefits of Stepless portable ramps include:

  • Safe, non-skid surface
  • Durable, lightweight construction
  • Weatherproof
  • Soft end profiles provide stability
  • Comfortable handles for easy carrying
  • The length and choice of ramps is dictated by the load and the height difference to negotiated and available space.