Ultralight Combi - Portable Ramps

A versatile lightweight extendable aluminium wheelchair ramp or scooter ramp. Uneven thresholds or a particularly high PVC door lip require a special combination of simplicity and versatility. A disability ramp that both extends and folds offers this flexibility.

The Ultralight Combi offers an ingenious combination of a folding ramp and an extendable ramp, making it a brilliantly functional access ramp. This highly versatile wheelchair ramp can both extend and fold, making short work of high lips on door thresholds, small steps, uneven ground and broken kerbs. The telescopic sections can be set to different lengths and the folding section means you can get over obstacles without having a drop at the end of the ramp.

Two separate channel ramps mean the Ultralight Combi can accommodate both narrow doorways whilst being a perfect threshold ramp for wider wheelchairs or scooters. The combination of telescopic sections and a folding section means it extends up to nearly 3m (9' 3") yet it is a fully mobile ramp and incredibly compact when stored. As it’s a channel ramp in two parts, it is very light to carry. The Combi is a wheelchair ramp with great portability.

Each channel ramp is exceptionally strong and has a generous width for safety and ease of use, making it an ideal tailgate ramp for vehicle access.



Benefits of the Ultralight Combi include:

  • Compact lightweight channel ramps
  • Low kerbs and long bevel sides greatly increase clearance for scooters and power chairs
  • Unique perforated surface and excellent grip design
  • Generous widths for safety and ease of use
  • Compact storage features



Length: From 150cm (4' 11") to 298cm (9' 9")