Ultralight Handi/Rigid - Portable Ramps

An immensely strong yet extremely lightweight aluminium wheelchair ramp or scooter ramp. There are times when a simple solution is the best one. The Ultralight Handi/Rigid is the perfect channel ramp, step ramp or threshold ramp for kerbs, single steps and low thresholds. It has an outstanding carrying capacity and yet is supremely lightweight – the ideal mobile disability ramp.

Being small, it is exceptionally lightweight, compact and easy to carry or store. To make your life even easier, the 56cm version of the compact ramp is also available in a handy storage or carry bag for greater portability. The low sides to this step ramp give greater clearance for power chairs and scooters, giving you almost universal access over single steps and kerbs.



Benefits of the Ultralight Handi/Rigid include:

  • Compact lightweight channel ramps
  • Low kerbs and long bevel sides greatly increase clearance for scooters and power chairs
  • Unique perforated surface and excellent grip design
  • Generous widths for safety and ease of use
  • Compact storage features



Length (Handi): From 56cm (4' 11") to 56cm (4' 11")
Length (Rigid): From 56cm (4' 11") to 116cm (3' 10")