Ultralight Telescopic - Portable Ramps

An advanced lightweight extendable aluminium wheelchair ramp or scooter ramp. When your needs go beyond the scope of a standard wheelchair ramp, an extendable telescopic ramp is the solution to your access problems. The Ultralight Telescopic ramp offers unlimited access in a wide range of situations, from being an effective mobility ramp for loading your scooter into a car, to acting as the ultimate step ramp, enabling you to enter a building where the steps are particularly high.

The beautifully constructed Ultralight Telescopic ramp easily accommodates narrow doorways or wider mobility devices, because it comprises two separate channel ramps. This disability ramp can extend up to nearly 3m (9' 5") yet it is still a fully portable ramp, being compact enough to easily store in a vehicle. Its two parts make it very light to carry.

Each channel ramp is exceptionally strong and has a generous width for safety and ease of use, making it an ideal tailgate ramp for vehicle access. Mobility and practicality in one versatile package.



Benefits of the Ultralight Telescopic include:

  • Compact lightweight channel ramps
  • Low kerbs and long bevel sides greatly increase clearance for scooters and power chairs
  • Unique perforated surface and excellent grip design
  • Generous widths for safety and ease of use
  • Compact storage features



Length: From 86cm (2' 10") to 288cm (9' 5")