Roll-A-Ramp - Singles

Roll-a-Ramp is the ultimate flexible ramp system that has totally revolutionised the portable ramp market by its sheer simplicity and strength allowing it to adapt to countless wheelchair ramp access applications. Roll-a-Ramps are perfect for building and vehicle access at home or work.

Designed to allow greater freedom to wheelchair and scooter users, their carers and others, Roll-a-Ramps provide real independence.

Strong, lightweight, durable and convenient, Roll-a-Ramps come in pair or single widths, all complete with carrying straps. No other ramp system has ever won Best New Product Award at the two largest and most prestigious disability exhibitions in the World; MedTrade (twice in both New Orleans and Las Vegas in 2002/2003) and NAIDEX UK in 2003.



Benefits of Roll-A-Ramp are as follows:

  • Built-in safety rails and slip resistant treads
  • Easy to adjust the length
  • Gently cambered to ensure smooth on / off travel
  • Highly visible reflective yellow pinch guards
  • Integral safety rails and ridges guide the wheels
  • Made of durable aerospace aluminium and weatherproofed
  • Maximum loads up to 900.0 kg (1980 lbs) supported
  • Minimum storage space required
  • Optional hand rails
  • Portable, easy to carry and set up
  • Simply rolled or folded up for transport or storage
  • Single width ideal for scooters and wheelchairs
  • Supplied in any easily adjusted length
  • Twin ramps are easily set up to suit almost any wheel span



Width: 76.2cm (2.5ft)