S-Max D1202 - Stairclimber

The stairclimber for your wheelchair. The S-Max is suitable for virtually all commercially available wheelchairs. The S-Max can be mounted or removed quickly and easily from your wheelchair for transportation due to its unique design.



Advantages for your mobility:

  • Move easily and quickly, up and down stairs in your own wheelchair.
  • S-Max fits virtually all commercial wheelchairs, even particulary narrow children's wheelchairs.
  • The brackets especially developed modular concept makes a simple assembly possible.
  • S-Max is easy to handle because of the newly developed climbing system with little load alterations.
  • The handle's solid connection to the climbing unit provides a secure feeling for stairclimbing.
  • The grips and control unit are constructed according to the newest ergonomic insights.
  • The climbing speed can be specifically adjusted to the particular climbing situation at hand.
  • The single step mode offers optimum ease in controling the s-max to ensure safe as well as careful movement over all kinds of stairs.
  • The S-Max's though-out safety concept includes brakes, which stop automatically at the edge of each step.
  • Since the S-Max works with merely one climbing leg, it is particularly compact and thus functional even on narrow stair cases or winding stairs.
  • S-Max is suitable for all floor coverings, be it wood, stone, marble, tiles or carpet. The exposed edges of stairs are not damaged.
  • Durable and maintenance-free batteries provide energy for up to 300 steps.
  • The electrical wires run inside protecting them from damage.
  • Thanks to its compact measurements and its low weight S-Max is your ideal partner in everyday life.



Lifting Capacity: 135kg (21st 3lbs)
Passenger & Wheelchair
Width: 330mm (14")
Total Weight: 14.5kg (2st 4lbs)
Min Landing Space: 0.9m x 0.9m (3' x 3')
Max Step Height: 220mm (8.5")
Speed: 8-23 steps per minute selectable on unit