Doorline Bridge - Threshold Ramps

A simple and practical aluminium threshold bridge for wheelchairs or scooters. The Doorline Bridge is a threshold ramp for doorways that are too high to cross in comfort and safety. This mobility ramp gives you peace of mind by enabling access wherever you are due to its lightweight and portability.

It is ideal as a doorway ramp or threshold bridge for wheelchairs and scooters, when there is a drop on both sides of the doorstep or threshold. It’s a practical, simple doorway bridge that is designed to be easily portable – making access easier, wherever you are. An excellent doorway transition ramp.



Benefits of Doorline Bridge are as follows:

  • Versatile threshold ramps
  • Huge range of sizes to meet almost every threshold requirement
  • Custom ramps for the few applications our stock products cannot solve
  • Each product has an excellent grip surface



Height: From 4cm (1.6") to 8cm (3.1")