Doorline Custom - Threshold Ramps

Individually manufactured doorway ramp or scooter ramp made to fit your requirements. However unusual or awkward the threshold, there is always a wheelchair ramp to fit your needs. For those rare threshold obstacles that can’t be overcome with one of our doorway ramps, a bespoke Doorline Custom doorway ramp is the answer to your access requirements.

Doorline Custom threshold ramps offer the ultimate choice in versatility, as they are individually created according to your own specifications. With a choice of 10 ramp styles to fit every possible doorway, aluminium rust-free construction and the strength to take loads of up to 300kg (662lbs), the Doorline Custom is the final word in wheelchair ramps and scooter ramps.



Benefits of Doorline Custom are as follows:

  • Versatile threshold ramps
  • Huge range of sizes to meet almost every threshold requirement
  • Custom ramps for the few applications our stock products cannot solve
  • Each product has an excellent grip surface



Height: Custom to suit your requirements