Doorline Neatedge - Threshold Ramps

An environmentally friendly durable ramp for wheelchairs or scooters with massive load capacity. The Doorline Neatedge is a good-looking threshold ramp which offers smooth, silent access – and it’s good for the environment too. Now you can improve wheelchair or scooter access using recycled rubber. The Doorline Neatedge is unobtrusive, incredibly strong, and best of all, it’s 100% manufactured from recycled vehicle tyres.

Whether you’re using it as a wheelchair ramp or scooter ramp it’s completely weather and water resistant. Not only is this threshold ramp ideal for outdoor use, but it is also superb for showers and wet rooms. It can be easily cut and trimmed to fit into narrower doorways, and sections can even be joined together (using the optional adhesive, MB0010) to make it as wide a step ramp or threshold ramp as you need it to be.

Because the ramp is manufactured from recycled rubber it is also very safe, providing a softer surface in case of falls. It is also totally silent when a wheelchair or scooter drives across it – no clatter from metal parts. This also means that this disability ramp is suitable for use in wet conditions both indoors and out.



Benefits of Doorline Neatedge are as follows:

  • Versatile threshold ramps
  • Huge range of sizes to meet almost every threshold requirement
  • Custom ramps for the few applications our stock products cannot solve
  • Each product has an excellent grip surface



Height: From 2.2cm (0.9") to 5.6cm (2.2")