Doorline Varisystem - Threshold Ramps

A versatile aluminium doorway adjustable height ramp for interior doors. Getting around inside the home is smooth and simple with these attractive doorway threshold ramps. A Doorline Varisystem adjustable height door ramp is fully height-adjustable, meaning it can serve as an effective wheelchair ramp or scooter ramp over almost any doorway threshold.

The screw fitting option can be quickly and easily installed with normal DIY tools at exactly the height required. Its reliable grip surface makes it a safe and presentable wheelchair ramp for inside your home, negating most indoor door thresholds.

The adjustable feet make this adjustable doorway ramp suitable for all threshold types up to 10cm (4ins). Its unique design and attractive champagne finish mean this versatile disability ramp can be left in place, while allowing doors to open and close.



Benefits of Doorline Varisystem are as follows:

  • Versatile threshold ramps
  • Huge range of sizes to meet almost every threshold requirement
  • Custom ramps for the few applications our stock products cannot solve
  • Each product has an excellent grip surface



Height: From 1.5cm (0.6") to 10cm (4")