Stepless Custom Build - Threshold Ramps

Let Stepless help you overcome some of life's small obstacles. With this new ramp system, you can easily assemble a ramp to fit any type of door opening or threshold and still be able to close the door without taking the ramp away. 

The Stepless Excellent Ramp System can easily be fitted with both inward and outward corners, making it possible to go up or down the ramp from all sides. Building a Stepless Excellent Ramp is as easy as putting children's blocks together, and you can take the ramp apart again, if you want to move it.



Main benefits of Stepless Custom Build Threshold Ramps include:

  • Can be used all year and in any type of weather.
  • Can withstand temperatures from minus 40ºF to 210ºF.
  • Tiles are colorfast, self-draining and UV resistant.
  • Ice and snow stick poorly to the ramp surface.
  • Anti-skid surface holds traction during winter.
  • Ramps are made of polyethylene (PELD).
  • Ramp system is recyclable and can tolerate all approved cleaning solutions.


The Ramp System

The Stepless Excellent Ramp System offers so many combination options that you are only limited by your imagination.