Site Surveying

Free site survey with every quotation

Our site surveys are free and we survey every site when a quotation is requested. Our surveyors use laser levels to take accurate ground levels to ensure our proposed ramp layout will comply with current Building Regulations.

Our surveyors are trained to recognise not only access issues for the wheelchair user, but also to consider access that may be required by other users e.g. for wheelie bins, garden maintenance, access to gas meters, window cleaning, etc.

With each quotation Whiland provide a layout drawing which is designed to provide the lowest cost option taking into account all of the above and which still complies with current Building Regulations.

Where the location requires, our quotations include for ground preparation, such as barrier film and stone chips under the ramp, laying new slabs at the end of the ramp to give the correct landing area for wheelchair use.

Whiland can also carry out Building Warrant and Planning applications.

For any further information or to arrange a survey please contact us by phone, email or use our online enquiry service.